Barrel Blasting, Rejuvenating Wine Barrels Like 'sand'blasting with reclaimed co2

Cleaning barrels with reclaimed CO2.
»No water!
»No secondary waste!
»No chemical residue!
Environmentally safe, supporting sustainable farming practices.

•No Re-Toast!
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No need to re-toast!

Barrel Blasting Prevents contaminants!


We Don't Re-Toast - There's No Need

The key to our process is that we are leaving the barrel's original toast intact. We remove approximately fifty thousandths of an inch of old wood to expose fresh toasted wood and increase the surface area of your barrel, so more wine comes in contact with more oak. Because we aren't adding or removing anything, just cleaning the barrel, there is no need to re-toast after our Barrel Blasting process.

Because the useful lifespan of an oak barrel is approximately 3-4 years, a winery must continually replace barrels as they age. With the prices of French oak constantly on the rise, wineries are looking for ways to get more life out of their barrels.

Our Barrel Blasting process not only gives winemakers peace of mind that they have a clean, sanitary barrel, but it also gives them an extra year or two of use out of their oak wine barrels and saves them money in the process. If a winemaker spends $1000.00 on a new French barrel, uses it for four years which equals $250.00 per year. By using our process, a winemaker can spend $50.00 per barrel and get one more year out of it, resulting in a savings of $200.00 a year.

Freshly exposed toasted wood.

Freshly exposed toasted wood.

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