Barrel Blasting, Rejuvenating Wine Barrels Like 'sand'blasting with reclaimed co2

Cleaning barrels with reclaimed CO2.
»No water!
»No secondary waste!
»No chemical residue!
Environmentally safe, supporting sustainable farming practices.

•No Re-Toast!
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No need to re-toast!

Barrel Blasting Prevents contaminants!

Our Services

Dry Ice Cleaning

For years Barrel Blasting has been listening to wineries and wine makers about their specific cleaning concerns. Barrel Blasting is the first to develop specialized equipment, the Rajeunir™, and techniques to keep your winery clean and your barrel investment producing the highest quality products possible. Barrel Blasting offers a mobile on-site barrel refurbishing program.

We have developed a revolutionary process (patent pending) for restoring and cleaning wine barrels, presses, crushers and storage areas with unsurpassed results.

Our Process

Mobile Cleaning Service

We offer a mobile service. We will come to you with our patented, automated Rajeunir™ process. Blasting charges are $55.00 per barrel. In large quantities, discounts will apply. Call for area pricing.

We not only have the number one barrel cleaning system for the inside of your barrel, we can make the outside look like as great as the inside! Call for details and pricing.

exterior cleaning

Mobile cooper repair services are available upon request.

Bring Your Barrels To Us

We welcome you to bring your barrels to us for your by-appointment cleaning in our Napa facility. Please contact us at 707-312-9084 to schedule.

Pick-up and Delivery Service Available

Bill Wertzberger, F. Teldeschi Winery
"Thought I would let you know how my wine was going. I made 4 batches of wine with Barrel Blasted barrels during the 2005 vintage and have recently bottled and released 3 of them. People are loving the wines and I've got at least one distributor wanting to buy everything I made. The 2 year old A & K barrels have imparted a good deal of oak flavor into my Zin and Carignane - but without overshadowing the fruit. You blasted 3 year old Romanian barrels for my Merlot, and it played a big part in making my wine into some awesome stuff. The Syrah hasn't been bottled yet but I think it will be even better than the others. As for the 06 vintage, you blasted French barrels of various ages for me, and I am blown away by how much oak I'm getting from the 2000s and 2001s. Barrels are supposed to be neutral after 5 years! And I like the security of knowing that the barrels are CLEAN!"

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