Barrel Blasting, Rejuvenating Wine Barrels Like 'sand'blasting with reclaimed co2

Cleaning barrels with reclaimed CO2.
»No water!
»No secondary waste!
»No chemical residue!
Environmentally safe, supporting sustainable farming practices.

•No Re-Toast!
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No need to re-toast!

Prevents contaminants!

Mark Lyon, Winemaker Sebastiani Vineyards
"It doesn't give a new barrel flavor, but seems to give older barrels the flavors of a 2-year-old barrel, it's re-exposing the surfaces. What I like is that it cleans the tartrates and stains you find in older barrels. It's like going to the dentist (to have teeth cleaned). You clean out the barrels, and it's more hygienic."

Steve Reynolds, Reynolds Family Winery
"I view this barrel blasting method as another valuable tool in a winemakers chest. Like redoing a great antique that had some years on it but can once again sparkle. Barrels do get used and the life leached out of them, often times their faults masked by access. The process of barrel blasting opens up the barrel to view its faults such as blistering or impurities so they can be scraped clean and addressed first band aids. The blasting itself then opens the pours and sterilizes the surface to a whole new level, in some ways adding to the flavors. With the addition of stave inserts the barrel is in my opinion 90% as good and sometimes 100% as good as a new barrel in blind tasting. This is a "must have" in any wine makers barrel regime."

Jon Engelskirger, Winemaker Turnbull Wine Cellars
"With Barrel Blasting, what you see is what you get. What you see is a barrel free of tartrates and debris, pores opened and a clean wood smell free of chemical residue. What you get is a wine with a decidedly greater sense of "live oak", a wine with no off or off-putting least none that you can blame on the barrel! Results at our place to date have confirmed my suspicions: We're going to be blasting more barrels and the folks at the top are going to love what it does for the bottom line!"

Dry Ice Blasting

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Why Our Process Works

We blast your barrel - like sand blasting, but using dry ice (CO2) - with our automated, patent pending RajeunirTM (French for "rejuvenate") equipment which utilizes an EPA, USDA and FDA approved process. 100% of the Co2 sublimates then dissipates on impact, leaving NO CHEMICAL RESIDUE so there are NO OFF TASTES. We remove the tartrate crystals, old wine residue and approximately fifty thousandths of an inch of old wood. Read More»

#1 Barrel Cleaning System Worldwide!

Toast remains
The key to our process is that we are leaving the barrel's original toast intact. The Barrel Blasting doesn't add or remove anything, but instead cleans the barrel and opens up the wood's grain.

The only way to get a cleaner barrel
is to buy a new one!

Wines & Vines Feb 07 Cover Read the article by Jim Gordon entitled, "Breakthrough in Barrel Cleaning: Winemakers give high marks to dry-ice blasting method." pg. 34, February 2007.Read article

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