Barrel Blasting, Rejuvenating Wine Barrels Like 'sand'blasting with reclaimed co2

Cleaning barrels with reclaimed CO2.
»No water!
»No secondary waste!
»No chemical residue!
Environmentally safe, supporting sustainable farming practices.

•No Re-Toast!
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No need to re-toast!

Barrel Blasting Prevents contaminants!

What Our Clients Think

"We just processed another shipment with Vic and realized that while some barrels had their first Barrel Blasting treatment, a handful were being rejuvenated for the third time. With the past two harvests being big ones we needed to reserve and reuse more barrels than we had originally planned to and looked to Vic and his team to provide their services. Whether you have to use particularly old barrels or just love using neutral barrels there’s nothing like using barrels that have been revitalized by the Barrel Blasting methods. I can’t say enough about the service! Thank you! "
Julie Johnson, Winemaker - Owner Tres Sabores Winery

"I view this barrel blasting method as another valuable tool in a winemakers chest. Like redoing a great antique that had some years on it but can once again sparkle. Barrels do get used and the life leached out of them, often times their faults masked by access. The process of barrel blasting opens up the barrel to view its faults such as blistering or impurities so they can be scraped clean and addressed first band aids. The blasting itself then opens the pours and sterilizes the surface to a whole new level, in some ways adding to the flavors. With the addition of stave inserts the barrel is in my opinion 90% as good and sometimes 100% as good as a new barrel in blind tasting. This is a "must have" in any wine makers barrel regime." Steve Reynolds, Reynolds Family Winery

"It was warm and all the windows were open, and all of a sudden I started smelling fresh toasted oak. It smelled like new barrels. I stuck my head inside one and it smelled like a freshly-toasted barrel."
Don Baker, winemaker at Bighorn Cellars on barrel blasting process at his facility.

"Thought I would let you know how my wine was going. I made 4 batches of wine with Barrel Blasted barrels during the 2005 vintage and have recently bottled and released 3 of them. People are loving the wines and I've got at least one distributor wanting to buy everything I made. The 2 year old A & K barrels have imparted a good deal of oak flavor into my Zin and Carignane - but without overshadowing the fruit. You blasted 3 year old Romanian barrels for my Merlot, and it played a big part in making my wine into some awesome stuff. The Syrah hasn't been bottled yet but I think it will be even better than the others. As for the 06 vintage, you blasted French barrels of various ages for me, and I am blown away by how much oak I'm getting from the 2000s and 2001s. Barrels are supposed to be neutral after 5 years! And I like the security of knowing that the barrels are CLEAN!"
Bill Wertzberger, F. Teldeschi Winery

"With Barrel Blasting, what you see is what you get. What you see is a barrel free of tartrates and debris, pores opened and a clean wood smell free of chemical residue. What you get is a wine with a decidedly greater sense of "live oak", a wine with no off or off-putting least none that you can blame on the barrel! Results at our place to date have confirmed my suspicions: We're going to be blasting more barrels and the folks at the top are going to love what it does for the bottom line!"
Jon Engelskirger, Winemaker Turnbull Wine Cellars

"Wow!! I have been in the wine industry for over 25 years and it is so gratifying to see innovation that is honest and works. The service that you provide to your customers is really what could be called Customer First. The winemaker wins, The winery wins, The wine consumer wins, and even The environment wins. Barrel Blasting will be and is becoming an industry standard for the wineries that care about their customer and want to make the best tasting wine they can. I applaud your ambition and your talent in making one of the key pieces of the winemaking process nearly zero-defect and improving the bottom line while enhancing the end result that shows up in the bottle. I am proud to be affiliated with Barrel Blasting."
Tim McDonald
Mr. McDonald operates a full service marketing communications consulting company based in Napa Valley. He is a 25 year wine industry veteran, including marketing and PR positions with E & J Gallo, Peak Wines, Trinchero Family Estates, Heublein Wines, and Seagram. Tim has also served as a Wine Judge at over 100 wine competitions.

"It definitely extends the life of the barrel. Regardless of the flavors it gives back to the wine, I've had the chance to get all the tartrates out, to get the barrels very clean. Cleanliness is a really key issue for us. In my program it doesn't put off buying new barrels, but it does give you a higher confidence level in the barrels that you do have - extends them at least a year. I feel confident that these barrels are nice and clean and aren't going to have any contaminant from previous wines that were in there.These are barrels I would have thrown away otherwise."
George Moskowite, owner Moss Creek Winery.

"The great thing about their service is that it gives you an amazing savings and does such a good job cleaning the barrels."
Dave Palmer, owner Jacksonville Vineyards, Oregon.

"Philosophically I favor reclaimed, re-used materials, and this fits that profile."
Dennis Richardson, Richardson Winery

"Barrelblasting seemed like no more than an interesting idea a year ago, but now after one vintage done in blasted barrels, I'm sold. They really get them clean. I mistakenly left one empty blasted barrel in a corner where it was not gassed with SO2 for over two months. I was sure it must have gone VA, but it smelled fine, and I used it with no problems. The removal of tartrates is most noticeable when racking. No old tartrate deposits coming loose into your new wine; and maintenance and washing are quicker and easier. The oak I'm getting from blasted barrels is much better than untreated barrels of the same age. And for someone like me who doesn't like to overoak, blasted barrels are better than new ones."
Bill Wertzberger, Assistant Winemaker, F. Teldeschi Winery

"After witnessing the Barrel Blasting process and how my barrels looked and smelled after blasting, how could I not recommend having your barrels blasted. It gives me great satisfaction and peace of mind to know that I can confidently store my wine in these freshly blasted barrels maintaining the integrity and high quality of my wines."
Norman Beko, Cottonwood Canyon Winery

"The phenolic comparison between my wine from new oak and used oak cleaned by blasting is only very slight, at best. In fact, I personally favor the subtleties found in the treated barrels over the pronounced influences from new oak. and, as far as flavors imparted into the Thumbprint wines, I again prefer the integration of spice from the barrels blasted by Barrel Blasting."
Lindstrom-Dake, Thumbprint Cellars

"I think the barrel-blasting concept is remarkable. Traditionally, we buy 50 to 60 new barrels each year. With barrel blasting, I foresee buying fewer barrels on an annual basis because I'll be able to reuse my existing, clean barrels. From a cost standpoint, barrel blasting is fabulous. You get clean, inspected barrels in which you can confidently store wine. This will definitely affect the quantity of oak barrels I buy in the future."
George Moskowite, Moss Creek Winery

"I am convinced that this barrel-blasting process is the most significant thing to happen to barrel sanitation since ozone. Even though barrel blasting is in its beginning stages, it is showing real promise, especially for the premium winery looking for ultimate barrel sanitation."
Pete Sayre, Stave Works

"While I'm sad to disclose the 'little secret' that has given my handcrafted wines an advantage over the rest of the industry, by allowing me to use cost-effective, clean barrels, I am also elated that the Barrel Blasting founders are getting the respect they deserve by creating an alternative to buying new $800 wine barrels."
Scott Lindstrom-Dake, Thumbprint Cellars

"Dear Bob,
     I would like to thank your company for your professional service and quality product. I received your barrels from Vic and he was so kind to deliver them to me. That kind of service is difficult to find in today's market. I greatly appreciated that level of service and I will tell everyone I know about you. I feel it is my obligation as a very satisfied customer to promote your product and service every chance I get. I will be seeking more barrels in the future and I will not hesitate to call you. Thanks again.

     Ron Williams, DC"

"Our barrel room needed a fresh coat of paint, but irregular surfaces and entrenched mold made the surface prep daunting. Enter the "ice men", who were on-site to do some barrels. 'Hey, can you guys do this?', was my hopeful request. That evening, walking into our dark cellar I stopped dead in my tracks - the smell of 'clean' was startling! I imagined that a glacier must smell like this - a dry, clean smell without chemicals. Now, a year later, the paint job that was applied after the cleaning still looks great and smells great. There is no re-emergence of mold. The more involved prospect of a major surface remodel to the cellar has been put on hold for another year - hallelujah!"
Julie Johnson, Winemaker - Owner Tres Sabores Winery

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