Barrel Blasting, Rejuvenating Wine Barrels Like 'sand'blasting with reclaimed co2

Cleaning barrels with reclaimed CO2.
»No water!
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Environmentally safe, supporting sustainable farming practices.

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No need to re-toast!

Barrel Blasting Prevents contaminants!

Barrel Inserts

Barrel Inserts & Cleaning

Aging wine in oak barrels imparts an additional level of flavor components to the wine such as vanilla, caramel, butter or spiciness. The newest barrels impart the most discernable flavor and by the time a barrel is approximately 5 years old, it will no longer add those same flavor influences and is considered a neutral barrel.

Many barrel programs involve replacing barrels after 1, 2 or 3 years in order to maintain consistency in their products. Because of the expense of new wine barrels, some winemakers opt for the installation of toasted thin staves as a way to extend the life of a barrel. These staves are also referred to as "barrel inserts" and can impart that desired oak flavor into what would have been rendered a neutral barrel.

However, one of the biggest complaints about inserts that we've heard from winemakers as well as insert companies, is that often times the winemaker feels he is not getting the correct flavor out of the inserts. This problem could arise if the inserts are being installed into dirty barrels which may mask or change the flavors to an undesirable character. Do you know what's inside your barrels? Why put your inserts into a dirty barrel? Our Barrel Blasting process cleans and sanitizes the interior of your barrel, optimizing the benefit of your new inserts.

For a minimal charge, Barrel Blasting will be happy to have our coopers install your pre-purchased inserts in conjunction with our blasting services. Call or email today. 707-312-9084

We can adjust the quantity of new oak to fit the winemakers needs, including any toast variations and amount. These pictures show light, medium and medium plus French oak.


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